Aloe / Bamboo


Our weaving yarn with aloe and bamboo is the key to creating fabrics that captivate with appearance and indulge the senses, promising both elegance and softness in every project.


Do you dream of creating textiles that not only captivate with their appearance but also indulge the senses? Our weaving yarn with 50% aloe and 50% bamboo is the key to achieving excellence in every project!


Just imagine: your hands working with delicate fibers that not only shine with elegance but also envelop your skin in softness and delicacy. This is the promise of our weaving yarn, which combines the power of aloe and the lightness of bamboo.


Aloe, known for its soothing properties, adds not only softness but also a healthy glow to our yarn. And bamboo? Lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly – this yarn will imbue your projects with elegance and softness, unlike any other weaving yarn.


Don't wait any longer – invest in our luxurious weaving yarn with aloe and bamboo today and let your imagination flourish like never before!

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16/2 nm