Aloe / Pineapple slub yarn


Enchant your senses with our exceptional weaving yarn "Aloe & Pineapple", blending 50% aloe and 50% pineapple fibers for unique textures. 

Explore creative possibilities and weave eco-friendly dreams with our natural yarn today!


Enchant your senses and weave dreams with our exceptional yarn "Aloe & Pineapple"!


Discover the magical power of nature in our new weaving yarn "Aloe & Pineapple". This unique blend, consisting of 50% aloe and 50% pineapple, transports you to the world of exotic fibers and extraordinary textures.


Combining the delicacy of aloe with natural fibers from bast pineapple, our yarn "Aloe & Pineapple" is the perfect choice for weaving extraordinary projects that exude subtle elegance and naturalness. Our unique yarn takes handweaving to a whole new level!


This remarkable combination of natural fibers gives each project a unique character. Irregular shapes and light underspinning add charm and subtle texture to your fabrics.


Indulge in a burst of creativity and create textile masterpieces that delight the senses. Discover unlimited creative possibilities with our weaving yarn "Aloe & Pineapple".


Don't wait any longer! 

Uncover the magic of natural weaving yarns and create handwoven fabrics that not only dazzle with their appearance but also care for the planet. 

Weave your dreams with our yarn "Aloe & Pineapple" today!

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