Cotton / Ramie Nettle - 8/2 Ne


Explore our unique eco-friendly yarn made from a blend of organic cotton and nettles, perfect for hand weaving and crochet projects.

This special yarn offers a distinctive texture and subtle sheen, making it an ideal choice for creative individuals seeking both quality and sustainability.


Discover our unique product, a yarn created from an equal blend of cotton and nettles. Designed for hand weaving, crocheting, and anything your imagination can conjure with this extraordinary thread. This is the perfect solution for those seeking eco-friendly materials. This special yarn combines traditional craftsmanship with environmental consciousness, allowing you to create fabrics with care for the environment.


Key Product Features:


Natural Composition: Our yarn is made from pure organic cotton and nettle fibers, which possess a slight coarseness and fluffiness. This interesting texture gives fabrics a unique appearance and a feeling of exceptional softness. Interestingly, our yarn becomes even fluffier after washing. After the first and subsequent washes, the fibers become even softer and more pleasant to the touch.


Ideal for Dyeing: This yarn is perfect for experimenting with colors as it readily accepts dyes, enabling the creation of unique projects.


Perfect for Warp and Weft: Our yarn performs excellently both as a warp and weft, granting creators full freedom in fabric design.


Unique Subtle Sheen: Thanks to the addition of nettle fibers, fabrics made from our cotton and nettle yarn acquire a unique, very subtle sheen, giving your creations an exceptional character.



If you're in search of high-quality yarn for hand weaving that is eco-friendly, durable, and allows you to express your creativity, our cotton and nettle yarn is the perfect choice. Try it today and embark on creating fabrics that are unique and will captivate everyone. Discover the eco-friendly yarn that will transform your projects.

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8/2 Ne