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Supima® cotton 8/2 Ne with Gold Ingeo® Sparkle


Weaving cotton Supima® 8/2 Ne, unbleached, unwaxed with stunning Gold Ingeo® addition.


Supima® exceeds the remaining cotton in its softness, strength and colour saturation.


Supima® is organic cotton obtained only from organic crops in the southwestern United States. Supima® fibres are 35% longer than regular cotton. It is produced only from extra-long fibres - ELS Extra Long Staple. In addition, it is 45% more durable and it definitely adopts and keeps the colour from standard cotton.


Ingeo® fibre is a natural fibre obtained from plant raw materials such as corn, which is completely biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. It is hypoallergenic and odourless.


Parameters: Cones - 1,9kg

Thickness 8/2 Ne - 6770m / kg

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Data sheet

8/2 Ne
677m / 100g
Suggested Sett
18-24 epi