Dandelion / Pineapple / Kapok slub


Explore our exceptional weaving slub yarn, crafted with a unique blend of 35% Dandelion, 35% Pineapple, and 30% Kapok.


Welcome to explore our exceptional weaving yarn, certain to enchant every craft enthusiast! Crafted with a unique blend of 35% Dandelion, 35% Pineapple, and 30% Kapok, our sub yarn stands out as a true treasure among its kind. Embark on creative experiments with fabrics using this exceptional blend, evoking the beauty of nature in its most exquisite form.


What sets our yarn apart? It's not just its composition, but also its distinctive irregular shape that lends texture and authenticity to each of your projects. With this yarn, your handweaving textiles will take on a unique character and become truly one-of-a-kind.


Designed for lovers of hand weaving who value luxury and seek beyond standard materials, this weaving yarn allows you to craft fabrics that emanate natural beauty and individuality—handwoven fabrics that are truly incomparable!


In our online yarn store, we offer only the finest quality products for weaving enthusiasts. Join our community of creative craftsmen and artists to explore the endless possibilities offered by our exceptional weaving yarn. Care for your projects by selecting materials that inspire and captivate.

Experience the magic of weaving with our Dandelion/Pineapple/Kapok slub yarn today!

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