100% Coffee yarn


Discover our eco-friendly coffee yarn, sourced from coffee grounds, offering a unique texture and exceptional durability for handweaving. Choose it for sustainable, distinctive fabrics that blend tradition with modern craftsmanship.


Welcome to discover an extraordinary product - coffee yarn, which is an excellent alternative to traditional weaving fibers. Our coffee yarn combines innovation, ecological sustainability, and exceptional quality, making it the perfect choice for handweaving enthusiasts.


The advantages of our coffee yarn:

Ecological Sustainability: Our yarn is 100% natural and is sourced from coffee waste, specifically from coffee grounds, contributing to the reduction of organic waste and supporting sustainable practices.


Unique Appearance: Coffee yarn has a subtle texture that imparts a distinctive look and character to finished fabrics.


Durability: Our yarn is remarkably resistant to wear and stretching, making fabrics created from it exceptionally durable and practical. It is an ideal choice for both warp and weft.


Ease of Processing: Coffee yarn is user-friendly for handweavers at various skill levels. Its silky structure facilitates work and allows for the creation of delicate as well as sturdy fabrics. It's a yarn that is truly challenging to break!


Our coffee yarn represents an innovative approach to handweaving, seamlessly merging tradition with modern craftsmanship. With it, you can craft unique fabrics that stand out not only for their beauty but also for their environmental conscientiousness. By choosing our coffee yarn, you are making a contribution to a sustainable future while enjoying the creation of fabrics that are both distinctive and long-lasting.

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16/2 nm