100% wool from the Podhale region


Yarn made of 100% wool from the Podhale region


Natural sheep's wool from Podhale, directly from the shepherd. It possesses natural thermal and health properties. Available in a beautiful, creamy, natural color. It's the color of nature that complements any interior. You can use it to create blankets, pillows, or throws, adding coziness and character to any room.


What makes this wool truly exceptional are its natural thermal properties. In colder months, it shields from the cold, keeping warmth close to the body, while in hot days, it ensures a comfortable temperature. The yarn from Podhale has its unique characteristics. Its coarse, thicker texture makes it ideal for weaving tapestries.


This is a material with a soul, connecting the heritage of the past with the pleasures of the present.


It's Podhale's wool – a mountain treasure that can be truly appreciated by understanding the story it conveys.



Single-ply wool.

160g skeins.

Recommended needle size: 3-4.

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