Inkle Loom


The Inkle Loom presents the ideal solution for crafting exquisite belts and trims through weaving.

This loom is an indispensable tool for weaving enthusiasts and creators who relish the art of designing their own fabrics. It opens up a world of possibilities, inviting exploration of diverse techniques and patterns, thereby granting creative freedom with every project.

Embark on your weaving journey with the Inkle Loom and let your creativity soar.


Inkle Loom - Unleashing Creativity in Trims and Belts Weaving

Ever dreamt of crafting beautiful ribbons, trims, or belts by hand? The Inkle Loom is your perfect ally in bringing those textile dreams to life. This compact and highly functional loom empowers weavers to produce intricate and precise patterns.

Key product features:

1. Versatile creation: The Inkle Loom offers the creative freedom to weave various trims and belts of different widths and patterns. It's the go-to tool for those seeking to experiment and design their unique textiles.

2. Exceptionally easy to use: Engineered for ease of use, the Inkle Loom is beginner-friendly. Its intuitive design facilitates a swift start to your weaving projects.

3. Sturdy construction: Crafted from durable materials, the Inkle Loom assures reliability during prolonged use, standing by you through countless textile explorations.

4. Portability and storage: Its compact size makes the Inkle Loom easily portable and storable. Take it along wherever you wish to create your weaving projects.

The Inkle Loom, meticulously fashioned from hard maple and finished with an eco-friendly wood lacquer, epitomizes durability and sustainability.

  • Width of 7.5cm (3″)
  • Warp length between 130cm and 280cm (51″ and 110″)

Product made to order.

Processing time: 1-2 weeks

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