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100% Muga silk 16/2nm - Ahimsa silk II grade


Wild Indian Muga silk (Ahimsa/Peace Silk), with a fantastic texture and amazing deep gold colour.


Wild Muga silk is a variety of silk spun by Muga silkworms, which are only bred in the Indian state of Asam. This is one of the rarest types of silk in the world.

This amazing organic silk has been sourced in a sustainable manner. The cocoons used to make silk yarns were heat-treated only once silkworms have abandoned them. The material is made without the use of chemicals, granting the yarn a stronger, buttery smell. It is also known as Peace silk.

Once only available for the royal family, today it can be part of your luxury fabrics.

Muga silk is often compared to expensive gold and is a desired element of wedding attire in India.

It has a very pleasant structure, with a good balance between tackiness and slipping.

The delicate golden colour works perfect in natural or dyed form.


100g skeins
Thickness 16/2 nm (800m / 100g)

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16/2 nm
800m / 100g
Suggested Sett
18-24 epi